Otto Panzer

Otto Panzer Show

Otto Panzer

He is pyrotechnic in his approach to the public who love him from the very beginning, both young and old. Otto Panzer  is an excellent and very nice clown, dressed as the director of an unlikely and mysterious circus. He presents numbers of authentic bizarreness, involving the public in his crazy scenic adventures. Irreverent and cheeky, but also sweet and arrogant, Otto is a clown with a sense of scene and comedy very pronounced, giving gags that show a superb ability to adapt to the square and improvise, turning each of his shows into a unique event.


Show: Otto Panzer Show
Country: Italy
Genre: Clownerie and improvisation

Time Table

13/06/201922:3045 min21 - Piazza Montefeltro
14/06/201920:4545 min5 - Piazza Mastini
15/06/201921:1545 min1 - Piazza
16/06/201920:1545 min1 - Piazza