Boucherie Bacul


Boucherie Bacul is an old fashioned butchery market booth within and around which nothing is what it seems. The strange Belgian Butchers of this wondrous market sell their morbid but above all insane merchandise to the passers by. But to do so they use very strange techniques. The Bacul family prepare their tasty cuts … but there’s not a joint of meat in sight.
A deliciously dark sideshow comedy, not for the feint-hearted.

Pikzpalace’s founders are Greet Verhoeven and Eric Peeters, thouroughbred animation film makers, till they lost their heart to street theater, for what is more beautiful than pleasing an audience with kindred souls?
In 2010 they founded the Pikzpalace Company, and since then they play their very well-liked and highly appreciated performances at the big festivals worldwide. Decors, costumes, texts, props... they do it all themselves and they do it with complete dedication, that passion for the profession that makes their performances better, more beautiful and unique. Their acts are full of Belgian absurdity. They consider themselves as descendants of Hergé and René Magritte, with surrealism in their blood.

Show: Boucherie Bacul
Country: Belgium
Genre: Splatter street theatre
Email: pikz@telenet.be
Url: https://www.pikzpalace.be

Time Table

13/06/201918:4530 min25 - Piazza 2 Pioppi
13/06/201921:1530 min25 - Piazza 2 Pioppi
13/06/201923:1530 min25 - Piazza 2 Pioppi
14/06/201917:3030 min25 - Piazza 2 Pioppi
14/06/201919:1530 min25 - Piazza 2 Pioppi
14/06/201922:3030 min25 - Piazza 2 Pioppi
15/06/201916:1530 min25 - Piazza 2 Pioppi
15/06/201918:3030 min25 - Piazza 2 Pioppi
15/06/201921:0030 min25 - Piazza 2 Pioppi
16/06/201916:0030 min25 - Piazza 2 Pioppi
16/06/201918:0030 min25 - Piazza 2 Pioppi
16/06/201921:1530 min25 - Piazza 2 Pioppi