Roberto Mercadini

Quando passa il futuro?

Roberto Mercadini

Quando passa il futuro? (When does the future pass?)
A monologue about the technological innovation.

In science fiction books and films, robots and androids often rebel against their creators, adopting completely autonomous and even hostile behaviours towards man. Fantasies. Of course. But if we take a quick trip through the history of technological innovation, we often see something similar happening. The invention escapes the hands of the inventor, moves away from his intentions, takes unexpected and even whimsical paths. Sometimes the consequences are dramatic, sometimes comic, sometimes enchanting. What was the future in the past? And what will the past be in the future?
Plastic, trains, cars, computers, robots, androids. How much intelligence did it take and will it take to create these extraordinary tools? And how stupid can we humans sometimes be when we use them?

Show: Quando passa il futuro?
Country: Italy
Genre: Monologue

Time Table

14/06/201918:1545 min20 - Anfiteatro
14/06/201921:1545 min3 - Salita Valentini