Whiskey Moon Face

live concert

Whiskey Moon Face

Original timeless lyrics set to timeless compositions on accordion, double bass, guitar and cornet. Every show will be slightly different with a mixture of old and brand new songs written by Louisa Jones who will be playing accordion. The rhythm section comprises of Dakota Jim Ydstie from North Dakota who underpins the songs with improvised, melodic bass lines and Charlie Wheatley on acoustic rhythm guitar. The band will be joined by one of the UK's best jazz cornet players, Magic Mike Henry from The Chris Barber Band.

Show: live concert
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Original timeless songs
Email: louisajones@fastmail.com
Url: http://www.whiskeymoonface.co.uk

Time Table

14/06/201918:0045 min2 - Giardinetti di via Roma
14/06/201921:1545 min10 - Saloon
15/06/201918:1545 min2 - Giardinetti di via Roma
15/06/201923:4545 min19 - Palacirco
16/06/201915:0045 min10 - Saloon
16/06/201917:4545 min2 - Giardinetti di via Roma