Go Green!


Driven by an ever-increasing desire to raise awareness of the Festival’s sustainability among the public and the local community,
starting with the 23rd edition the #GoGreen working group is active, born from the collaboration with the Museo Naturalistico di Pennabilli.

The goal is to monitor, activate, discuss and promote collective and individual actions
that are sustainable and ever closer to respect for the environment and the planet.

Help us meet the challenge, step by step, year by year!

Public water

In the past edition of the Festival we calculated a consumption of about 90.000 plastic bottles.
This year we marked (signed/reported) all the fountains where you can fill up your refillable water bottle.

Our mountain water is drinkable, fresh and tastes very good!

Plastic Free

Every bar, restaurant and street food truck will use only compostable dishes, cups and cutlery!

Remember, even if they look like plastic you need to throw them in the organic bin!


You’ll find plenty of eco-stations within the festival area where you can sort your waste! Are you in doubt about where to throw something away? No problem, we’ve thought about installing different garbage to serve as models right next to the bins, it’s impossible to make a mistake!

Led lights

In 2005 the Festival changed all the halogen lights into LED lights.

Doing so, every year we are able to save lots of kilowatt, more or less the same amount of energy that a family needs for a year!


Recycled paper

Since 2015 the Festival uses recycled paper to print the programs.

So far we saved the life of 15 trees, 438.200 litres of water and 4.900 Kwh of electricity.

Sustainable mobility

We are trying to facilitate car sharing practices, public transportation and, starting with this edition, electric mobility! In fact, we are converting some old vintage vehicles with innovative electric motors!

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