Handicraft market

For organizational reasons, the edition of Artisti in Piazza 2021 does not include the Handicraft Market. We postpone its presence until next year, in the hope of resuming the Festival in its full functionality.

A wonderful bazaar of high quality artistic handicraft products where you’ll can find what you are looking for…

The market is an indispensable step for the public of Artisti in Piazza! A market full of curiosities where you can find handicraft itemes from all over the world. The particularity of Mercatino del solito e dell’insolito (Usual and unusual market) is that the handicraft masters create their works during the Festival, so you can see their skills in practice. Walking through the market you’ll see wonderful jewellery creations, local and Raku ceramics, wrought iron, stone sculptures, decorating candles, tissues, puppets, shoes, and much much more. A special attention is also given to the recycle of different materials like glass, cans, iron and paper.

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