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Balletto Civile is characterized by its search for a "total" scenic language by privileging the interaction between theater, dance and original live singing. The company has received several awards for its work including the ANCT Prize, Premio Internazionale Roma Danza, Premio Hystrio Corpo a Corpo, Premio Danza&Danza and Premio Rete Critica. Balletto Civile fully espouses the Festival's urgency to propose an idea of popular theater and deep local involvement and to stimulate true creative intelligence in repurposing its works into site-specific situations.

In Gente the audience is asked to follow a path strewn with extra-ordinary situations and characters, on the borderline between the simple reality we experience and the vision.
“We will present an unusual image of the place that hosts us, scattering it with unexpected poetic stations. The danced actions arise among the audience and take over the space, surprising the viewer and weaving stories of men and women. The dancers pass the baton to each other, following the red thread of music that draws the path to follow and fills the space by becoming rhythm and soundtrack. The audience becomes part of the performance and, free to decide where to rest their gaze, they themselves become the director of the event. A journey from the everyday to the imaginative where the step between the ordinary and the extra-ordinary, almost, disappears.

Gente is an itinerant and site-specific performance designed for unconventional places, a set of danced scores that open the meshes of daily routine creating, with bodies, poetry”.

Directed and choreographed by: Michela Lucenti§
Danced and created with: Elena Ballestracci, Michele Calcari, Maurizio Camilli, Francesco Gabrielli, Michela Lucenti, Alessandro Pallecchi Arena, Paolo Rosini, Emanuela Serra, Giulia Spattini
Sax Solo Live: Dimitri Espinoza Grechi


ITINERANT SHOW: the starting point is indicated in the program.