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Samovar Company draws on the most classical clowning to implement deep research on man as a singular being through experimentation in this ancient and ever contemporary art. In the company's creations, in fact, live music, scenic constructions and mimic-corporeal expression are central, giving value to these languages as primary elements of communication. 

Samovar Company was founded in 2011 by brothers Luca and Davide Salata straddling Italy and Romania with their first production, "Mic Circ Fraţilor," a street theater show in which clowning, music and acrobatics come together to the rhythm of Balkan music and Eastern flavors. In 2014, from the Salata brothers' collaboration with juggler and tightrope walker Tommaso Brunelli, the artistic collective Veronique Ensemble was born, giving birth to the circus-music theater show "Tre Quarti," directed by Giacomo Costantini of Circo El Grito and winner of the 2017 Scintille Award. 

A new artistic project of the Samovar Company also comes to life in 2017: the Teatro Ambulante, a truck from the 1980s transformed into a real theater for 35 spectators. Inside it is presented "Counterpoint" show of clowns, music and contraptions. An allegorical composition for people who know how to listen. 

In 2019, the company collaborated with the musicians of the New Project Orchestra, and from this came the show Banda Storta Circus, a creation that combines the simplicity and naiveté of the clown with energy and musical virtuosity.