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Starting from the American deserts to the Mongolian steppes, stopping in Africa and the Mediterranean, the duo from Rennes Bâton Bleu, composed by Maria Laurent and Gautier Degant, is dedicated to an acoustic and minimalist folk-blues, which claims a cosmopolitan aspect by borrowing traditional instruments and sound influences from several cultures around the world. Bâton Bleu is a completely original path and not identifiable in the long and dusty blues discography. A powerful and hypnotic blues where trance sounds unfold on harmonica-bass and acoustic strings of unusual instruments, and the primitive and tribal aspect is illuminated by the complementarity of the two voices.

Maria Laurent has refined her vocal technique by exploring a wide range of vocal timbres and textures. She draws influence from the most emotional aspects of the music: from the long chants of the Mongolian steppes, the invocations of the griot and the cries of Fado singers from the bars of Lisbon. Raised in the blues from an early age, her unique appropriation of instruments such as the banjo or the Mongolian lute (tovshuur) brings new life and energy to those age-old practices, helping to define Bâton Bleu's sensitive and organic sound.

Gautier Degant began making music with his first tribal post-punk band Heraclite, in which he sang in ancient Greek inspired by his love of powerful, rough vocals. His artistic imagination is often fueled by ancient Greek and Mediterranean cultures, which provide the backdrop for much of his lyrics. His passion for the blues and its contemporary expression owes much to his encounter with bluesman Seth Augustus, a student of Paul Pena.