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23 - Campo degli Strigoli

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Visitors are welcomed in the "ticket office" at the entrance of the marquee by the hologram of a circus presenter who introduces and explains the installation to visitors (10/15 at a time) by having them take the magnifying glasses they will use to observe over 130 miniature images with 3D effect. Inside there are 9 circus-style installations (the world's smallest art gallery and 8 Victorian carillons inspired by the old circuses of the 1920s), all containing miniature surrealist circus-style photographs. All made by the artist Lorenzo Mastroianni (photographs, sets and costumes). The viewer will be enveloped in this dreamlike journey through music, lights and synchronized sounds that will accompany the journey to discover this world of photography and circus in miniature... without time limit. Inside, the audience will be accompanied by a surreal audio-narration of the encounter between 8 circus and the travelling caravan of the Blink Circus, all set in the early '900. The company is composed of 2 artists who welcome and direct visitors inside the chapiteau and throughout the show.