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A master of balance, precision and strength, CHO KAIRIN is the latest in a long family dynasty of acclaimed Chinese acrobats, dating back to his great-grandfather. In 1985, when he was only six years old, he entered an acrobat school in Hebei, joined the Hebei Acrobat Team in 1992, and began performing in the United States and Europe, enjoying great success with audiences. In 1998, he won the Gold award in the Hebei Acrobat competition. After 2000, he moved to Japan, and appeared in many TV programs and commercials, continuing to perform in the streets, stages and festivals around the world.

In 2017, he was awarded with the Daidogei World Cup at Japan's largest street art festival, the Daidogei Word Cup in Shizuoka. What is fascinating about Kairin is not only his acrobatic skills that encapsulate decades of lineage of this art, but more importantly his ability to interact with the audience in an intimate and surprising way.

Cho Kairin's show is a traditional performance (with a few thousand years of history) that includes acrobatics, acting, juggling, transformation and much more. The nickname "super Chinese acrobat" refers to the fact that his performances are modernized and perfected for audiences around the world.