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8 - Piazza Malatesta

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Circo Carciofo (Artichoke circus) was born under a lucky star, in 2003...maybe...they were never good at remembering dates. They drank a beer, sitting on the veranda of an old 1950s carriage that had previously belonged to the historic Orfei circus family. It had become home to Fabio and Stefania and little Tobia, parked in front of an artichoke field in the Tuscan hills. They wanted to give a name to their show company, and to a dream, that of giving life sooner or later, in our time, without stress to a circus complete with a chapiteau. And so, in front of that field of artichokes, Circus Artichoke was born.

Under this name, many shows, friendships and loves, artistic collaborations were born, on the roads traveled, two vans traveled and caught fire...then they started traveling with carriages and horses. First in France and then in Italy.
In how many squares will there have been performances? Who knows, there will never be an end to their spirit anyway, to meet people, so why keep count? But the laughter and smiles of children and adults, those will never be forgotten.