Dolce Salato



45 min

21 - Piazza Montefeltro

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CIRCO CARPA DIEM was born from the meeting between artists Luca Sartor and Katharina Gruener, after they met during a social circus project in Kenya. Sharing a passion for circus and its pedagogy, they trained together at the Madrid circus school, graduating in 2016. In 2019 Luca graduated from the specialist year at Flic Circus School in Turin, with the Chinese pole technique.

In 2017 they created their show DOLCE SALATO (Salty Sweet) with which they have done more than 190 performances in 8 countries and 3 different continents.  In 2019 the duo won the ProudAct Call for Creation Support, supported by Acci, Associazione Circo Contemporaneo Italia and with the co-production of Teatro Necessario they create the theatrical show "DoppioZero". They are also part of the Spanish collective Faltan7, in the show "Express".

Dolce Salato is a fresh 40-minute circus-theater show featuring hand-to-hand, Chinese pole, unicycle, solo and duo acrobatic bike, bread manipulation and lots of humor!

He is naive, absent-minded and dreamy, she is pure energy, speed and movement. Together they are like water and flour, together they bake bread on a day that seems simple and normal, like daily bread, but is actually magical and surprising, like the two of them. Tulli reads upside down suspended from a pole, Vroni rides a bicycle pedaling with his hands and driving with his feet. They are funny, tender and surreal, and as they wait for the bread to bake they give us a journey through time and feelings.