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19b - Circo Madera

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CIRCO MADERA was born in 2020 and together with the artists of Cascina all'Inverso designed and planned the chapiteau, and built it despite the pandemic. In 2021, the company, just starting out, obtains support from the Ministry of Culture's Single Fund for Performing Arts and is recognized as a contemporary and innovative circus company.

The term Madera, means wood in Spanish, but it also indicates the fabric, the aptitude, the talent, that innate mold necessary to achieve a goal. The term contains the primary components of the company and the nature that characterizes its artists: from the hands of sculptor Bruno Geda the Circus becomes structure and atmosphere, from the stage artists it takes life and narrative form, from visual communication it extends and promotes its unique style. 

In fact, Circo Madera, the first circus created by a sculptor, is also distinguished by the synergy between multifaceted artists: theater actors, musicians, singers, circus performers and painters, united by the idea of shaping and evolving together, around works with a strong theatrical accent. With the desire to create a place where different artistic forms can meet and become a fertile ground for exchanges, artistic and musical evolutions.

PSICOMIC! - The high serotonin circus variety show. Acrobats, verticalists, clowns, aerial dancers, live music and puppets take turns onstage to bring to life a variety show dedicated to mental well-being!
The session with Dr. Froidoni, a distinguished psycho-puppet-therapist with not-so-academic methods, is open, ready to guide you on a psychedelic journey into the meanders of the unconscious. Between revealing nightmares, group hypnosis and psycho-attitude tests, viewers/patients have the rare opportunity to discover the immediate benefits of therapy, regaining mental balance in real time!