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In 1987, artists Marco Grignani and Federica Lacomba met on the island of Rhodes (Greece) and started the Girovago & Rondella theater company, which within seven years would transform into Girovago and Rondella Family Theater with the birth of Rugiada, Timoteo and Tommaso, who found themselves in a family of theatrical wanderers and 'naturally' sought a role in the group and decided to follow in their parents' footsteps by forming the COMPAGNIA DROMOSOFISTA.

From the collaboration between Girovago and Rondella with La Compagnia Dromosofista comes the Teatri Mobili project, to bring contemporary puppetry back to the streets and within everyone's reach. It consists of a bus and a truck set up as theaters, hosting unique, wordless performances inside for up to 35 spectators at a time. The two vehicles enclose an outdoor foyer area, a convivial space with a stage for live music, emotional theaters (electromechanical boxes for one spectator) and a library on the performing arts.

ANTIPODI (Antipodes) is the union of different styles and techniques of puppetry, from Chinese shadows to object manipulation to physical theater. Any point on the globe has its opposite. Very different landscapes and beings are joined by a line equal to the earth's diameter. Where everything becomes reachable we think of a place that exists but recedes with each step we take. Three characters invite the audience to follow them on a journey to the antipodes of the world. It is a surreal journey on a miniature horse, among oddball characters and tiny shadow men on the run. Antipodes is the union of different styles and techniques of figure theater, from shadow puppetry to object manipulation to physical theater.