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Founded in 1997, the Company Nando and Maila is recognized and supported by the Ministry of Culture as a Production Company of Contemporary Circus and Innovation.

Actors, musicians and circus artists, Nando and Maila are among the first to found a Contemporary Circus company that experiments with the mixing of languages when in Italy there was neither a real Contemporary Circus movement nor circus schools. This has determined an absolutely original, innovative and personal approach to research, bringing into play the experience gained in the areas of origin (music, theater and dance) rather than an academic circus training. The fusion of languages is recognizable in the characters on stage who play music and articulate circus techniques in an attempt that makes it essentially useless to draw boundaries. 

Sonata per tubi (Sonata for tubes), arie di musica classica per strumenti inconsueti” is a contemporary circus show, sung and played live, that explores the musical possibilities of circus objects and tools, transforming them into musical instruments through ingenuity and the use of technology. 

This show surprises and does so with the disorienting naturalness with which the three artists, Ferdinando D'Andria, Maila Sparapani and their thirteen-year-old daughter Marilù D'Andria, juggle verticalism, acrobatics and juggling combined with a manipulation of objects such as pipes that become polyphonic musical instruments.