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RasOterrA's artistic research is presented as a leap, an attempt to take off, a challenge to our feet glued to the ground.

The company was born in Brussels in 2010 from the desire to give shape to the intense physical and creative work of Damiano Fumagalli and Alice Roma. In 2012, "Panni Sporchi" is Rasoterra's first show, the result of the collaboration with the director and performance creator Firenza Guidi. In the spring of 2012 Claire Ruiz, a French acrobat from the Companie Tandem, trained at ESAC (Brussels), begins to collaborate with the two Italian cyclists. The trio creates a first number: Totem. In March 2014 Rasoterra presents the street show "The flying whale", and in July 2019, with the support of Cartons Production, always presents "VIRUS" on the street.
Also in September 2019, "Granelli", the company's first children's production, made its debut, a project in co-production with Cordata F.O.R.
2020 is the year of "Happiness" and "BOA", two productions that speak of happiness, as an engine to face today.

With HAPPINESS the RasOTerrA company gives us a reflection on happiness. In pursuit of happiness, you can run your whole life without ever reaching it, and perhaps it is just around the corner.

How to find the balance between being satisfied with what you have and pursuing your dreams?
This street show brings a moment of lightness, but it also wants to make you think about how to have fun in life! HAPPINESS offers an opportunity to realize that you can change. It is an attempt to make people feel happiness, to be surprised in happiness

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