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2 - Giardinetti di via Roma

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This Italian alternative-pop duo consists of Luca Pignalberi, who creates acid blues harmonies and explosive rhythmic beats with his drums, and Daiana Mingarelli, who follows him with an original vocal timbre that ranges from whispers to scratchy high notes.

Daiana Lou is a combination of various musical styles and different musical lives. While Daiana has a reggae and R'n'B musical background, multi-instrumentalist Luca has a classic blues background. Both of them later became passionate about electronic music, inspired by the music scene in their adopted home, Berlin.
With their music and lyrics, they want to shake people up and make them aware of the big social issues of our time, and at the same time entertain the audience with a great positive energy, an essential part of their artistic work.

In January 2021 starts the production of the third album together with Cesare Mac Petricich (Negrita) who focused the attention of the sound mixing the sonic rudeness of the street music with the eclecticism of the Berlin life rhythm. The alternative rock sound is an introspective journey that begins with DAIANA's whisper of introspective melodies, hits the stomach with LOU's distorted riffs, throws you into the Berlin clubs with JAN's primordial riffs, all punctuated by ANTONIO's heavy accents with nuances that lead back to the inevitable Berlin electronics. The themes dealt with in the lyrics start from the need to express a cry of disappointment against this era of anti-social selfishness and to involve and actively inspire the public.