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Silvia Martini is a former gymnast specializing in clowning, handstand and knife throwing; Mario Levis is a musician clown and juggler. Multi-awarded as authors and artists of the Street Theater, together they are the Duolinda.

La Dama Demodè is a circus and theater show that combines circus skills with live music.

Two eccentric clowns dream of living a love story from other times but colliding with today's reality they create a symphony of exciting unexpected events. Modern times, in fact, now seem overwhelmed by a disturbing anxiety to know what the other is doing, what he is thinking, where he is. The beauty of an unexpected encounter, the purity of a casual gesture or the sharing of a thought in the distance, now seem out of fashion concepts, indeed out of fashion!

The two protagonists, out of time, tell their story made of encounters in an imaginative and surreal context: throwing knives, vertical movements and juggling with specialized objects combine with a symphony of unexpected events performed live to the sound of violin, guitar, loops station and beat box.

The show was one of the winners of the Trampoline project by A.C.C.I. (Italian Contemporary Circus Association).




Direction: Adrian Schvarzstein
With: Silvia Martini, Mario Levis

Ticket price: 7 €
reservations required, presale can be purchased on
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