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EMILIANO BATTISTINI is a musician, sound artist, teacher and researcher from Rimini. Since 2011 he has been working in the field of soundscapes nationally and internationally with solo and collective projects, offering concerts, site-specific installations and workshops.

I CENTO SUONI (The Hundred Sounds) is both a work and an artistic action that, through sound art, intends to combine landscape and literature. Specifically, the work is inspired by the short novel "The Hundred Birds" by Tonino Guerra (1974) and is intended to be a possible translation of it in the domain of sound, halfway between a radio drama (or an audiobook one would say today) and an electroacoustic composition that includes at least three compositional levels: a) the voice of the main characters; b) the songs of ethno-musicological origin mentioned in the book and specially created music; c) the sounds of the environment mentioned in the book.

The artistic action, proposed to the public, is to listen to such a sound work by walking inside a village, proposing an "augmented" sound walk (soundwalk), thanks to audio headphones (thus an audio walk) to be held along the course of the experience, which is both group and personal: one starts as a group, then follows one's own personal "drift" in the village, and then finds oneself again as a group. 

Co-produced by the Ultimo Punto Cultural Association and Tonino Guerra Association, the work is made for its premiere in the village of Pennabilli, to then take place in its following replicas in different earthquake-affected villages, towns and cities of Italy, as a cultural action that contributes to not losing the memory of such places and their communities.
The show is part of the MICROCOSMI 2023 review promoted by Parco Sasso Simone and Simoncello, MUSSS and Chiocciola la casa del nomade.

Concept: Emiliano Battistini, Enrico Partisani, Giovanna Priarione
Direction, sound design, music: Emiliano Battistini
Narration voice: Massimo Nicolini
Voice guide: Elisa Angelini

Vocal gestures: Emanuel Aureli
Voice recording: Roberto Pozzi, De Opera Studio (Rimini)
Technical consultancy: Chiara Ligi
Pennabilli route consulting: Roberto Sartor
Photos by Abele Gasparini

Special thanks to: Andrea Guerra, Alessandro Aiello (Canecapovolto, Catania)