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3 - Salita Valentini

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ENRICO MAZZA is an actor, clown, mime and performer. Originally from Lake Garda, he soon discovered a passion for theater and circus art. A self-taught juggler, he grew up with Viandanze Teatro, then graduated in physical theater in 2015 from the Performing Art University of Turin, directed by Philip Radice. 

He specializes between Italy and France in mime, clown, slapstick and commedia dell'arte with masters such as Eugenio Allegri, Paolo Nani, Jef Johnson, Gonzalo Alacron, Stephane Filloque, Les Rois Vagabond, Elise Ouvrier-Buffet. Since 2016 he has taken part in numerous shows and performances as an actor, acrobat, dancer, juggler and clown collaborating with Italian and foreign companies such as: Teatro dei Venti, Cirque Bidon, Action Theatre in English, Belfiore Danza, Compagnia Marco Gobetti, Tino Segal, Cie Hokà, Cie Lékailù. 

Selected in 2020 for the Beta Circus project, a European training program in magie nouvelle, he carries out artistic research in the field of visual comedy based on the contamination between various disciplines (particularly physical theater, clown, magic, object manipulation). 

FROM A SUITCASE - How entrenched are still the stereotypes regarding the figure of the mime and the clown? It is difficult to deviate from what the collective imagination still suggests. In this "one mime show," a mime as elegant as he is wacky, accompanies the audience into an absurd world trying to go beyond the clichés. In an upside-down universe where even the most common objects, such as a roll of scotch tape or a letter envelope, change their nature and become play, traditional gags and illusions will act as a springboard to original breaks and surprises, mixing physical theater, juggling, object manipulation, improvisation and magic. The spirit is therefore that of a clown who, through body language and the aesthetics of mime, plays with the invisible(fantasy) and the concrete (the audience he objects that surround him). Comedy, lightness, poetry and lots of involvement.