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The character of Fabio Saccomani is a polished and satirical speaker who uses techniques and effects as pretexts to engage in an unsettling and comical relationship with the public. In this sense, his vocation for jokes is clear, not in a philological sense but as described by Dario Fo (whose works accompanied Fabio's adolescence), that is, as a form of entertainment that is implicitly political and subversive. The street as a territory of agitation, towards an art sided and not consolatory.

In Bolle per Adulti (Bubbles for Adults), Fabio Saccomani is a satirical speaker and touches on many themes of current events in politics, economics, and religion. Forbid and elegant, his language is never vulgar, but always plays on various cognitive levels, so as to be both enjoyable and fun for adults and children.
The tone and motif of the show are those of the performative and grotesque satire of the jesters: a constant provocative and cutting interaction where contradictions and taboos are highlighted, and where the volunteers (always adults) are even stripped and set on fire (often surviving). But the roughness of the actions and the text is mitigated by the contrast with the sweetness of the character Fabio Saccomani, learned and sympathetic and apparently incapable of doing any harm. 

By and with Fabio Saccomani and directed by Peter Weyel and Domenico Lannutti.