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Fondazione Cirko Vertigo is an international center for the creation and production of shows and events, a center for professional and recreational training in the circus arts and a residence for young artists, active for about 10 years and based in Grugliasco.

Cirko Vertigo is a project born in 2002 from an idea of Paolo Stratta and supported by the City of Grugliasco, the Piedmont Region and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities. Cirko Vertigo is now based in the Cultural Park Le Serre in Grugliasco (Turin) inside the House of contemporary circus, a real "creative greenhouse". 

In Fabula is a contemporary circus performance, a revisitation of Little Red Riding Hood in a circus way: between dance, poetry and juggling, a little girl investigates the mysteries of the night and her innermost fears. The wolf becomes a mirror of the most intimate and obscure parts of the human soul, of which the little girl is afraid, to the point that wolf and little girl become two faces of the same personality. In this journey the little girl learns to be supported by her family group, a pack of wolves in constant change: nothing is what it seems, just as in dreams. 


Artists of the Professional Training Academy for Contemporary Circus Artist of Fondazione Cirko Vertigo.
Production blucinQue • Co-production Fondazione Cirko Vertigo • Directors Nicola Virdis and Daniela Paci • Starring Julia Tanner, Alma Gruber, Cristina Ciguela, Simone Menichini, Figaro, Lilou Cuny • Texts Alma Gruber • Voice Marta Alba • Costumes Matilda Testa • Music Julia Tanner, Ezio Bosso • Masks Elena Moure' • Photos Andrea Macchia