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In 1987, artists Marco Grignani and Federica Lacomba met on the island of Rhodes (Greece) and started the theater company GIROVAGO & RONDELLA, which within seven years would transform into Girovago e Rondella Family Theater with the birth of Rugiada, Timoteo and Tommaso who, having found themselves in a family of theatrical wanderers, 'naturally' sought a role in the group; artistically gifted, they followed in their parents' footsteps by forming the Compagnia Dromosofista (Dromosophista Company). 

Girovago and Rondella Family Theater define their figure theater as surreal and popular, and because it was born and structured in a particular reality such as the Greek Islands, without any comparison with other street artists, it represents an innovative and interesting artistic project. Their show is absolutely new in the Italian scene.

Travel is the context in which the research of this group of artists, made up of thespians, musicians, sculptors, puppeteers, actors and inventors, is developed to its fullest expression. The companies are essentially an extended family, of three generations, whose art has, over the course of three decades, become a way of life. The group, based in Viterbo and Barcelona, goes on tour moving with two special vehicles, dedicated to traveling theater, called "Teatri Mobili” (Mobile Theaters). 

The Teatri Mobili troupe returns to Pennabilli with an en plein air version: four open-air theater spaces are formed around the Truck Theater. The first is dedicated to Emotional Theaters (Electro-mechanical Theaters for one person at a time). The second space intended to host "Manoviva" by the Girovago & Rondella Company and the third stage intended for the Dromosophista Company with the show "Antipodes." The fourth will present a new attraction, co-produced by Ultimo Punto: "The Wandering Puppet Museum".