Coppa del Santo



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20 - Anfiteatro

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GLI OMINI was founded in 2006 with the primary goal of bringing people closer to theater and bringing theater to life from people. From this takes shape the project Memoria del Tempo Presente, which involves the construction of performances through territorial surveys and interviews. For more than a decade, the group has been traveling around Italy listening to the people they meet on the streets, in bars, in squares, to create shows written with the stories and words of real people and thus return an image of our times. Snapshots, centrifuges of surreal reality. In ten years of activity they conduct more than sixty socio-anthropological blitzes around Italy and circulate among festivals, reviews, squares and theater seasons of all kinds and types. First task, to create a memory of the everyday and make the territory live by making its inhabitants protagonists. 

COPPA DEL SANTO (Saint's Cup) - If there is one thing you proverbially cannot joke about, that thing is Saints. It is good to say, in fact, that the Saint's Cup is a very serious game. GLI OMINI have been cultivating their passion for the idols of Christianity, studying hagiographies and designing new icons, for more than a decade. From this punctilious and potentially endless research comes their second show, after Asta del Santo (Saint’s Auction), with a sacred theme. 

Two psychedelic priests lead the competition. A selection of 32 saints, chosen with great care. Eight teams. A scoreboard. A challenge to the death. The saints will compete against each other, unleashing supernatural powers, until only one remains. From St. George to Padre Pio, via St. Patience and St. Hope, not to mention St. Granny. Great and historic, ultra-worshipped or misunderstood, unlikely or impossible saints. If you no longer know which saint to vote for, come and vote for the saints.