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Guappecarto were born in Perugia as street musicians in 2004. During one of their performances, the famous actress Madeleine Fischer - collaborator, among many others, of Antonioni, Sordi, Anna Magnani, Bergman - fell in love artistically and asked them to compose a soundtrack for her upcoming film. It is precisely the creation of those pieces that leads the young artists to decide to believe totally in their own abilities.

Guappecarto are immediately loved not only by the public they meet, but also by critics and musicians who find in them a very high sense of stylistic freedom and a deep musical poetics.

To date, after 12 years since their birth, the band has released four albums and performed in more than 1500 concerts all over Europe.  

The group has recently released their new album Sambol - Amore Migrante, which they will present at Artisti in Piazza. It consists of nine reinterpretations of the works of Vladimir Sambol, a Fiuman composer of the '30s, who emigrated to Sweden after the Second World War. The original songs, assigned to the band by his daughter Mirjam, have been deconstructed, rearranged, transfigured and sometimes increased with parts composed ad hoc, all to revive the father through the notes he left.