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Teatro Viaggiante was born in 1999. It is a structure that supports, realizes and spreads productions of street theater, contemporary circus, comic theater, dance, mime, acrobatics and music. It should be emphasized the character of comic research. The shows since 1999, represented countless times in Italy and in different European countries, are I R.E.D., Los Bomberos Locos, Cip & Ciop, Ricciolo di Luna, Io Tu e lo Smog, Uàn Mèn Sciò, Amleto by M. Trani, Houdinì Lemokò by Francesco Niccolini, Duo Pink, Circo Usoeriuso by Buttafava/Cavana/Mirabella, Mirabella & Draghi, Sick du Soleil and La Famiglia Mirabella. As major events Grand Parade Kebab, Flyer and The Meniskos Family. The Mirabella Family, Sick du Soleil, Moon Curl, Circus Usoeriuso currently on tour. T.O.M. is the Company's latest production.

T.O.M. / The Old Man
A man, who does not hide his experience, nor his extroverted character, involves from the first moments the audience in a play with himself, his body, the objects that surround him, his inspirations. The protagonist is a mime, a rhythmic juggler, a skater, a tightrope walker, a refined performer of the new circus. He walks on the sphere, then he loads it on his back, he becomes different creatures, he proposes divertissements, clowning, he walks on the bins, then he makes them dance and dances with them, then he overpowers and tames them. He plays with a particular hulla hoop, as a child would do with his own. He puts himself at stake in front of himself, for himself, with himself, he feeds himself and does not switch off. This is how this show begins and ends, like a flow, in which we are catalyzed in the interweaving of creative ideas, involved as if the protagonists were us.

A simple show and refined at the same time, light and meaningful, visual and deep, for everyone.

WINNER OF THE COMPETITION TRAMPOLINO VETRINA 2022 - promoted by A.C.C.I - Associazione Circo Contemporaneo Italia