Jon Kenzie



45 min

20 - Anfiteatro

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JON KENZIE is a soul performer and songwriter from England, who has his musical roots in blues and folk. Jon has a powerful and deep voice that can captivate and amaze listeners. Jon is the perfect example of how an independent artist can survive and thrive in the modern music industry. He has released two acclaimed solo albums without relying on the support of record companies. He has collected thousands of followers from all over the world performing on big stages but also in the street. 

He recently produced his third solo album From Wanderlust. He started his career playing first on the street as a busker and in Manchester clubs, and then going on tour in Europe and the United States. When he performs on the streets, his passionate voice always manages to stop passers-by, attracted by his particular sound. Over time he has grown musically until he has performed in big clubs and festivals, bringing his music around the world.

In Pennabilli he will perform songs from his new album Silent Applause, as well as others from his repertoire.