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The Madame Rebiné company was born in 2011 in Toulouse maturing a project started in Turin in 2007 from the meeting of Andrea Brunetto, Max Pederzoli and Alessio Pollutri at the Flic circus school. It is a company based on friendship which, beyond the techniques used and the artistic objectives, makes theater a game to have fun with and give quality to one's life. 

Giro della Piazza was born from the desire to celebrate cycling in its most relevant aspects, that of physical endurance and the involvement of the public.To study the subject, during the creation of the show, the Company participated in the 101st Giro d'Italia and experienced the very close relationship that this sport has with the cities and with its inhabitants. The result is a very engaging show, with a fast pace in which the actors are called to a test of endurance at the limit of the performance, experimenting with moments of interaction with the public.

An insidious cycling route that over the years has seen the blossoming of athletes such as Bartali, Coppi and Pantani and which today will see the promises of Italian cycling on the track. Who will be the winner? Andrea Brunello, the fast and slender but above all handsome cyclist or Tommaso, the cyclist with the big nose? To find out, all that remains is to take to the streets and cheer on your favorite.


By & with  Andrea Brunetto, Max Pederzoli, Alessio Pollutri
Direction & dramaturgy Mario Gumina
Costumes Cristian Levrini
Scenography Biro
Co-production Manicomics Teatro / Madame Rebiné & Co.

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