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MANICOMICS TEATRO is a production, training and research company on Clown and Contemporary Circus, recognized by the MIBACT - Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism - based in Piacenza. Founded in 1985, Manicomics is now a reality with more than 20 collaborators and operates in the National and International field, counting prestigious partnerships, collaborations and engagements, such as Compagnia Finzi Pasca (Switzerland) and Cirque du Soleil (Montreal-Quebec). Along with the Founding Partners, Mauro Mozzani and Rolando Tarquini, Agostino Bossi, Mauro Caminati, Paolo Pisi and Allegra Spernanzoni, who are also authors, creators and directors of the Company, find space in the Company's projects.

VIAGGIO ORGANIZZATO PLUS (Organized Travel Plus) is Manicomics' most performed show. It deals with an ever-present theme: the desire to travel that conquers us all. Leaving from an airport to arrive on a desert island, encountering strange animals and all the commonplaces of travel, mixing everyday life with extraordinary events such as talking statues and imaginary buses. At the same time, Organized Travel makes us smile by exposing our own frailties and weaknesses, which are those of all men and women in the world. 

Created by Mauro Mozzani and Rolando Tarquini the show has also won several international awards such as "Show of Honor" at the Almada festival in Portugal or best outdoor show at the Haifa Kids festival in Israel.  It embodies the poetics of the company where the figure of the clown appears without the red nose and where the union of poetic naiveté and limpid vision of the present gives life to the Clown we inhabit on stage, who can, with the same attitude in continuous discovery, have fun and cry, addressing themes of anthropological and social interest, in a comic line that intersects with satire and the grotesque, to open the doors to a heterogeneous and ageless audience. The evolution from movement theater to other circus arts has resulted in acrobatics, juggling and poetic thinking founding an all-Manicomics way of interpreting Contemporary Circus.