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MATTEO GALBUSERA is an actor, performer and contemporary circus artist of international caliber; for years he has been touring the world with his shows that straddle cabaret, absurdism and music, enjoying ever-increasing success. 

He has performed in over 30 countries, from Canada to India, from the Arab Emirates to Colombia, and his comedy and talent have been praised at major festivals around the world. In 2014 Matteo Galbusera worked in Canada with Cirque Du Soleil in the show entitled "KURIOS - Cabinet of Curiosities."

MAICOL GATTO | Musica per gli occhi (Maicol Gatto | Music for the eyes) is a multidisciplinary show that interweaves different artistic languages: music, mime, physical theater and contemporary circus. The comic style is based on physicality, gags and research that links music to movement. There are no lyrics. 

One of the special features of the show is the research in the use of sound as a dramaturgical element. In his world of synthesizers and electric keyboards of various sizes, Maicol Gatto is an undecipherable and unpredictable awakened humanoid moving through the geometry of his fantasy world, prey to short circuits and electrical discharges. The show is an alienating and alienating concert that combines music and contemporary clowning with a surreal style. 

A show-concert that aims to pay homage to pioneering postwar electronic music, science fiction imagery, theater of the absurd, and to celebrate the relationship between man and machine that knows no limits of space-time and represents an incredible journey into the unknown.