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Matteo Galbusera is an actor, performer and contemporary circus artist of international caliber, he has been touring the world for years with his shows that straddle cabaret, absurdism and music, enjoying ever-increasing success. He has performed in 27 countries, from Canada to India, from the United Arab Emirates to Colombia. His comedy and talent have been praised at major festivals around the world. In 2014 Matteo Galbusera worked in Canada with Cirque Du Soleil in the show entitled "KURIOS - Cabinet of Curiosities."

The White Lord is a journey that combines entertainment and introspection, offering an insightful look at the dynamics of our modern world. 

A sensory journey in several stages. A genre of Participatory Theater in which the experience of a cult is simulated. The TWL character embodies the figure of a charismatic, control-freak, manipulative guru, while the audience "plays" the group of followers. 

What leads a man to seek out a guru? How does your life change when you meet a master? What drives a man to "go through" this kind of experience? Think of a unique and transcendental experience. Imagine that you are the protagonist.
Through this journey you will experience some of the emotions that only mystics, believers, or cult followers have been able to experience: the mystery of the Rite, the light of the Master, the religious paranormal, the emotional involvement, the explosive happiness... the only question that will NEVER have to take shape in your mind will be the following: can I still get out of this! 

Immerse yourself in a unique experience, led by a performer and accompanied by a musician, who will take you through an immersive journey. In this journey, we invite you to explore the concept of freedom in a world influenced by the pressures of religions, commercial giants and social networks, as well as the seductive deceptions of so-called false Masters. Masters that we impose on ourselves and to whom we delegate the solution of our problems and the overcoming of our innermost fears. 


Project and Artistic Concept: Matteo Galbusera
Written by: Matteo Galbusera in collaboration with Francesco Busani
Cast: Matteo Galbusera, Fabio Vescarelli
Costumes: Anna Kamp, Annalisa Limonta

Preview performance, work in progress. Outcome of the training IL CIRCO NELLO SPAZIO (Boarding Pass Plus 2023-2024), a project dedicated to the internationalization of Italian artists of contemporary circus, curated by Teatro Necessario, in partnership with Ultimo Punto, Tony Cliffton Circus and Gli Omini, and with international partners Riga Cirks (Latvia), Bussola (Portugal), Cirque Bidon (France), Los Galindos (Spain), Animakt (France), Ludifico (Republic of Serbia).


ITINERANT SHOW: the starting point is indicated in the program.