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13 - Orto dei Frutti Dimenticati

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When you set foot in the small fair of fear, you start off on a journey into the world of the unknown, the dark, the fantastic, the horrid and the inexplicable, towards one of the most feared and fascinating emotions of the human soul, which no one, but no one, can do without.

A fair for children, but also for adults, which has the flavor of the past, of childhood, of blankets, dust and hay, a place to grow up or return to childhood, approaching fear without fear. Recalled by the words of a mocking barker, children and adults will be able to attend the three shows of the Teatrino lambe "Monsters of fog" and listen to the stories of the Teatro a manovella dedicated to two notorious ghosts from Emilia. While waiting, the charlatan barker will show the curious crowd rare artifacts belonging to mysterious monsters of the Po Valley...

La Piccola Fiera della Paura was born from a research on the immaterial heritage of popular origin of Emilia Romagna, on the world of the "filò", of the stable and of the oral fairy tale. Around this research, the company Officina Teatrale A_ctuar of Ferrara has created some very particular shows, that crossing rivers and mountains of Emilia and Romagna, bring back to life fantastic creatures extinct (or almost), frightening lullabies, ghosts and forgotten sayings.

By: Officina Teatrale A_ctuar
With: Sara Draghi and Massimo Festi
Musical research: Morena Gavioli and Chiara Alberani
In collaboration with Coro delle Mondine of Porporana