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20 - Anfiteatro

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They define themselves as a dance group, capable of prolonged rhythmic sessions of "explosive electrosamba", or "tribal and happy techno acoustics", if you really want to try to define their range of action.

There is no genre that can define their latest album, Sukate; there is not even a sentence that can give an idea that is shared in each song. Each piece is inextricably linked to the others, but has a totally different identity and perhaps even a different "genre".

To make the record, they isolated themselves from the world for a while, locking themselves up in a remote villa in bucolic Romagna, in Case del Vento. Whether it was the boredom of isolation or the healthy country air, or a mix of these two elements, we do not know, but the result is even crazier than the previous album: a crazy musical divertissement with irreverent, sexually allusive and, at times, totally nonsense.

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