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The company Rara Woulib carries out artistic researches to give life to new forms of theatrical and poetic language, which arise from the great questions and issues of mankind; they create rituals and performances within people's daily life, in a shared space, connecting the customs preserved by local communities with lost rituals to be rediscovered.

The performances are site-specific, in continuous dialogue with the urban and social context: each city or landscape gives life to a unique performance, which draws new urban territories and explores the soul of the city. The collective sees art as a pretext to meet and create a bond, through their artistic projects they open new spaces of conviviality and citizenship, creating their works as parties, where excess, pleasure and doing together intersect: a dreamlike place for the care of the individual and the community, circulating between sacred and profane, real and fictitious.

Deblozay ("disorder" in Haitian Creole) is a journey into the memory of the city and its inhabitants, in a singular form that combines theater, music and song. This project is recreated in situ at each performance and in a natural and instantaneous way. In this great celebration, the company leads the crowd of spectators into the madness of the collective trance guided by the sound of the rare and sacred songs of Haitian voodoo. The walking procession wants to shake the rhythm of the city and its inhabitants. The project is also based on a demanding work with local choirs, on a transmission work between musical direction, actors and staging.


Project design/mise en scène: Julien Marchaisseau
Acting directionr: Wilda Philippe
Costume design: Cécile Schlecht
Song arrangements/choir direction: Alexandra Satger
Soundscape design/electroacoustic music: Jérémy Perrouin
General direction: Thomas Hua
Light design: Chloélie Cholot-Louis/Thomas Hua
Comedians and musicians: Julie Avril, Frédéric Blancot, Anne-Sophie Boivin, César Bouteau, Olivier Boyer, Mireille Brun, Jérémie Charras, France Davin, Pierrick De Salvert, Cyril Fayard, Donata Lel- leri, Xavier Marguin, Pierre Mougne, Vincent Salagnac, Alexandra Satger, Florent Thiollier, Julien Tribout.
Technical operating team: Jérémy Perrouin, Chloélie Cholot-Louis, Thomas Hua