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19b - Circo Madera

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Passionate about music, drawing and cinema since he was a child, SAM PAGLIA took his first steps on the piano from the age of 8. In 1991 he moved to London: here he approached live music and grew his passion for the Hammond organ. In 1995 he returned to Italy to focus on the idea of forming a band and playing in the clubs of the Riviera Romagnola, thus the group "Soul Circle" was born. 

He released his first album in 1998, B-movie heroes, under the Irma Records label and in a short time Sam was associated with what will be called the trendiest genre of the moment: the Lounge made in Italy.

It is after the release of the second album Nightclubtropez (Irma, year 2000) that the need arises to work with a solid and lean staff: thus the first formation of the Sam Paglia Trio, soon a reference point of the Hammond sound made in Italy.
The diversity of the new elements will determine a new sound. The repertoire with the new trio changes radically keeping intact some classics of the lounge period and the attitude to funk and dance music.

In 2017 the trio recorded the first album of songs written and sung by Sam, Canzoni a tradimento. In 2019 Live in Italy was released, the first live album of the Sam Paglia Trio, a work that well testifies to the current attitude of this project, this beautiful adventure that began in 1996.

Sam Paglia – vocals
Pako Montuori – drums
Bob Dusi – guitar