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26 - Parco Begni

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Side Kunst-Cirque is a project of alternative circus, “ alternative ” understood as all forms of circus that distinguish from so-called circus tradition in order to take an adventurous way of artistic research and experiment with the languages of scenic arts.

Il Parco è uno spettacolo! - circus trails
Side Kunst-Cirque, in an artistic residence in Pennabilli, presents a site-specific performance which attempts to blend contemporary circus culture with the landscape. Laughter and chills for the public and artists who find themselves living together, in an absurd circus journey, the usual chaos of emotions of Kunst-Cirque.

Designed by Ass. Cult. ultimo Punto - Artisti in Piazza Festival , in collaboration with Ass. Cult. Chiocciola la casa del nomade, Pro Loco Pennabilli e Associazione D’là de’ foss.

for info and reservation: mail:  tel. 328 7268745