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Side is a project of alternative circus, “alternative” understood as all forms of circus that distinguish from so - called circus tradition in order to take an adventurous way of artistic research and experiment with the languages of scenic arts. Side is an original project and intentionally independent, created by a collective of artists that stimulated by their respective experiences in avant - garde circus and music shows as well as on the technical fields, decides to equip themselves with an own theatre.

Side Kunst-Cirque is a chapiteau theatre ready to host and program theatrical circus creations, performative arts and music. The basic idea is to create a space where artists and public can meet and enable the exchange of ideas and to diffuse the modern culture of circus. The artistic and technical choices fall under the non - principals expressed in the declaration of Kunst - Cirque (see below), in which the collective manifests itself.

Side kunst-cirque is an alternative independent circus with the aim to diffuse the contemporary circus culture. Side is totally self-sustained by My!Laika.
My!Laika is a circus company founded in 2009 to create absurd and tridimensional collages of movement, music and image. Their shows are the results of long and twisted association chains, bedding their circus disciplines and music affections into a context of an amoral theatre, avoiding linear narration and immediate comprehension.
The company plays in prestigious contexts like Avignon, Grec in Barcelona, Circo-Teatro Price in Madrid, Festival de las Artes in Valparaiso, Circa in Auch and numerous national theatres. However, My!Laika constantly dedicates the play to alternative scenes touring Fusion and At.tension Festival | Berlin, CircusPhera | Belgrade, Circorama | Zagreb, Mischto | Nancy, Jetlag Festival | Amsterdam, Valdemone Festival | Sicily and many others.

My!Laika is currently finalizing four shows of different dimensions: Laerte 2018, Full Out 2019, Domoi 2019 and Duet 2019. Parallel to their artistic activities, the company is organizing events like: Jetlag Festival (Itinerant) and No Theater (Tuscany).


While the freighters with their loads of things and humans are challenged by the ocean, mirages, storms and whales agitate some dudes in the harbour. Waiting to set sail, their thoughts are pierced by dreams and nightmares as by harpoons, transforming them into jumps, tricks and dangerous games to deceive time. Laerte pays homage to the ocean, to its majestic waves that decide which destiny to rake.

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