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13 - Orto dei Frutti Dimenticati

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Silvio Castiglioni has been artistic director of the Festival of Santarcangelo and one of the founders of CRT in Milan. He has collaborated, among others, with Raùl Ruiz and the Lombardi - Tiezzi company. He has created shows by Zanzotto, D'Arzo, Dostoevskij, Mandel'stam, Manzoni, Nino Pedretti, Lello Baldini. He has recently performed Concerto per Jack London, with Fabrizio Bosso on trumpet and Luciano Biondini on whistle; La lucina, by Antonio Moresco, with G. Galanti, directed by F. Pallara.
Celesterosa is an association founded by S. Castiglioni and G. Galanti that realizes projects dedicated to training and performing arts. Since 2012 it is recognized by R. Emilia Romagna.

Abitare la terra (Inhabiting the Earth) is an itinerant theatrical action that explores some aspects of our relationship with the planet by walking along a small fragment of it. In the stops along the way - accompanied by voice modulations - are evoked reparative and magical actions, naive and prodigious, varying from invective to tragedy, from chronicle to apocalypse, through witchcraft and popular mystery ways: planting a lime tree seedling in a forest to avert the extinction of species; saving a seriously ill friend by walking from Munich to Paris; stealing from the stone the secret of its impassibility; evoking the unstable boundary between the world of the living and the world of the dead as in the funeral rites of ancient Corsica.

Abitare la Terra meets the woods, the clearings, the fords, the precipices, the ruins, the parish churches, the cemeteries. Under the scorching sun, in the light of dawn or at night. It is a common poetic action. Poetry (theater) is an ancient art and does not only deal with words. It accompanies us from the very beginning. In its origins, before language was codified, it was a combination of movement, dance, gestures, emission of sounds that created a rhythm. Rooting themselves in the rhythm, following it, our ancestors reconstituted a harmony where before chaos, anguish and trembling reigned.

Today, in spite of the many transformations - from orality to writing, from the body to the page, or to the screen - and the profound mutations experienced by mankind, poetry (theater), in all its forms, continues to have the same function for which it was born: that of giving us a possibility of salvation - a precarious salvation, which we must find every time. Let us think of a daily salvation, of that small nucleus of good that we can draw on every day to go to work, feed ourselves, take care of ourselves, of those dear to us and of all beings. Like a prayer, free from any dogma; in an attempt to re-establish a link between us and another dimension, not visible with only the two eyes we have between our temples.

Instructions for Participants
For groups of 30 spectators max, who accept the discipline of silence. Participants are asked to turn off their cell phones, do not photograph, and do not talk the entire way. Proceed with caution, like an animal on the hunt, or afraid of being hunted, paying attention to the environment and its inhabitants. Accessible to all. Good shoes, comfortable clothing and a supply of water are recommended.
Duration: from two to three hours, including stops.


Freely inspired by works by Werner Herzog, Antonio Moresco, W. G. Sebald, W. Szymborska, Gilles Clement, Giorgio Caproni, Andrea Zanzotto, Nino Pedretti, R. Powers, G. I. Gurdjieff.
Dramaturgy and interpretation Silvio Castiglioni
Installations Georgia Galanti
A Celesterosa production, in collaboration with Lupus in fabula and with the contribution of R. Emilia Romagna