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Soralino was born from the encounter between a juggler and a tightrope walker, but mostly from the miles and trips in a van. Caio Sorana and Clément Malin met in Paris at l'Académie Fratellini and founded the company in 2015. Their always intimate and always funny duo sees commitment in front of risk and balance as the foundation of their circus. 

Caio Sorana, Italobrazilian, meets juggling at the age of 15, after experimenting with various objects he discovers the clubs, the main object of his research. He uses the body as a creative base and the object as a pen for choreographic writing. He researches fluidity, suspension in its relation to rhythm.

Clément Malin is a specialist in acrobatics on a scale, his privileged partner. Born into a family of puppeteers, Clément discovers the arts lives in the cradle. He graduated in motor sciences and joined l'Académie Fratellini in 2012 with the aim of expanding his artistic vocabulary. Her work marries the energy of street art, marquee and feeds on a theatrical, musical and corporal practice.

Inbox is Soralino's first creation. A domestic illustration of the myth of Sisyphus, where two characters in raincoats and oversized clothing play with cardboard boxes, throwing them and stacking them on the edge of catastrophe...

The show won the "Ici et Demain" festival in Paris in 2015 and Bronze Medal at the 40th Cirque de Demain festival 2019.