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ADRIAN SCHVARZSTEIN is a clown, actor, theater and contemporary circus director, and multifaceted international entertainer. In show business since 1989, after studying Commedia Dell'Arte in Italy and continuing his training throughout Europe, and after a successful experience with Circus Ronaldo in Belgium, he founded Circus Klezmer in 2004, which toured for 12 years. He has won numerous awards including the Miramiro Prize with the show Kamchàtka, the Ernst Prize in Bremen and the Zirkolika Prize for best director. 

From an idea of Hungarian director Pál Kalman (Karzat Theater), Adrian Schvarzstein created the solo street show Sweet Home in 2016, and has since performed successfully around the world. The absurdist and comedic show is a sitcom of the highest quality, characterized by a direct and intimate relationship with the viewer, which has now become a trademark in all the shows of this multifaceted and cosmopolitan artist. 

In Pennabilli he will perform SWEET HOME ON WHEELS alongside PAOLO MARTINI, co-founder of Studium Actoris, an international theater ensemble based in Norway, dedicated to the study of the acting profession and the creation of artistic productions and theater workshops. Love, jealousy, tenderness and irritation will soon be revealed by the way husband and wife, played by the two actors, relate to each other and interact with the audience. The play humorously exploits those idiosyncrasies that color simple life for us ordinary people. But in this tête-à-tête relationship appears "the third wheel," literally the little trailer the couple affectionately calls 'Old Betsy.'