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Duo Bucolico and I Camillas will bring their Supermen artistic project into vogue, which combines geological layers of their repertoires and their sounds. The indelible, sweet and danceable music is brought into play to give life to an original construct. A tribute to Zagor Camillas (aka Mirko Bertuccioli), founder of the Camillas, who passed away in April 2020 due to Covid-19.

SUPERMEN are born from the atomic fusion of two musical realities I Camillas and the Bucolic Duo. They are joined by the electronic minstrel Tonino Tremila, former historical bassist of the Duo Bucolico.

SUPERMEN are born in the surroundings of Monte Titano (it is there that as puppies they learned to fly with their fist forward, throwing themselves off the rock) but they find their position as magicians within the nativity scene of music only in Riolo Terme, inside the Castle, in the bleak winter of 2021.

SUPERMEN make music full of mesmerizing rhythms and hysterical repetitions. The purpose of superheroes is to give a meaning to agitation and a perspective to anxiety. They have very powerful bodies and everything they say is Law...but they don't know what they say. It is said that they could defeat Evil, but they don't, for now they have other priorities.
Their supreme leader is called Zagor and he controls them from the center of a black hole.

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