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Tangerine Stoned were born in the deepest lower Italian east coast.

The initial idea was to chase out the gloominess of the night by singing and playing some delta blues from Mississippi, but under the hottest sun of the '12 some psychedelic experiences had come in Christian Jei and Alex Key lifes shifting the original project to latest '60 acid rock sonority from Frisco and LA. Getting inspiration from the Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead and by the adding in the line up of the bassist Daniel, Christian Jei brother, Verner, a childhood friend against any type of drugs, and Checco from the city, the story finally begins. While the eco of the Beat Generation got stronger in Christian Jei so much to read 2 times in a row "on the road" by Jack Kerouac.

During '13 a Lebel from Parma, Moonlight Records, noticed the band and released the first homonymous ep, six songs with a huge psychedelic impact. By Mocking rock n roll, creative excesses and moving to other cities, they began to write what would later become

On 29 February '16, Delitti Scoperti comes out, singing about stories on the edge of reality. In the summer of the same year, Tangerine returned to themselves by releasing the single Hyacinth House, the famous song by the "beloved" Doors, distorting with dreamy and psychedelic visions, a successful story. Everything is silent until during the Covid pandemic, Daniel composes new Tangerine material ready to be played with the band.