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During the creation of Paidia, the Company had the good fortune to read Roger Caillois' book, "Man and the Game". Callois classified the games according to their original pulsations, that is, according to fundamental principles on which the different games are based. In games can be present one or more of these peculiarities and with different percentages: Agon, Alea, Mimicry, Ilinx.

Agon gives life to the competitive games, we rely on control, on the ability of if and on our own skills. Cycling, athletics, soccer, boxing. 
Alea is the component of games of chance. Rolling the dice and relying on fate is the quintessential example.
Mimicry is the representation of something we are not. It is the mask and the theater, the carnival, the celebrations.
Ilinx pushes us to search for a sense of vertigo. This is the origin of extreme sports, acrobatics, but also swinging or spinning.

Each game has its own origin and its own rules that allow it to be enjoyed; children decide the rules to the game of the ball so that they don't have to chase it endlessly. The Paidia is the improvisation, the surprise, the novelty, it is the infantile phase of the game. The Ludus is the regularization of the game, a setting of conditions to establish schemes, rehearsals, scores, logistics and all the necessary organization.

In the stages of making a performance, paidia is imagining and creating, improvising on a memory gap, seizing the moment and reacting to a mistake. One cannot exist without the other.

WINNER OF THE TRAMPOLINO VETRINA 2022 COMPETITION - promoted by A.C.C.I - Associazione Circo Contemporaneo Italia