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Aldilà delle Parole is the version for unconventional and outdoor spaces of the TELL TALE show, which will debut in 2021.

We are returning to a possible meeting between people after the future has suddenly fallen upon us. Bringing one's work into unconventional spaces wants to be an adaptation of a thought in dialogue with a place. It means starting a theatrical work listening to the people who want to meet it, with the desire to bring thought and beauty, aware of the sense of desperation that crosses us.

Aldilà delle parole begins with a dialogue between the authors of a theatrical work that seems impossible to achieve. A work on the future that has suddenly become our present. The two authors (and actors) enter into a rhythmic and light relationship starting to describe the set-up they would like to create and little by little they slip into a vision suggested by images from the natural world. Through the words of Shakespeare, the two enter the dimension of the game, finding themselves together with the public inside the show. A sleepless night, the latest in a long series in which dreams, memories and desires crowd the mind and the body. 

The protagonist - a scientist named Wally - obsessed with the desire to find a solution that stops climate change, is rehearsing his lecture in front of an imaginary audience. An audience of girls and boys, that will materialize on the scene. From them, he will learn that the language of science needs to feed on poetry, for the great effort of the imagination that the present imposes on us. They will be the voice of childhood and the wonder of the animal world to unite the different levels of reality and to guide the protagonist and the audience towards a possible vision.

Play is the art of children. Art is the game of adults. Happiness does not arise from dreams but from the possibility of inventing life in the poetic dimension. (Maria Lai)



by and with Isadora Angelini e Luca Serrani
with the participation of Edoardo e Agata Serrani
music and sound designer Luca Fusconi
light design Luca Serrani e Simone Griffi
scene photos Dorin Mihai
graphic and communication Caterina Sartini
organization Isadora Angelini with the collaboration of Veronica Cannella
production Teatro Patalò with the support of Regione Emilia-Romagna
residency project shared by L’arboreto – Teatro Dimora | La Corte Ospitale :::
Centro di Residenza Emilia-Romagna - Teatro Petrella. Drama Teatro residency: Fuor di Teatro; Teatro Nobelperlapace, L’Aquila with the support of Arti e Spettacolo within Progetto “Contaminazioni” – Artisti nei territori della Regione Abruzzo; Teatro Il Lavatoio with the collaboration of Santarcangelo dei Teatri; Teatro degli Atti with the support of Comune di Rimini
Thanks to Antonio Rinaldi, Rita Frongia, Enrico Piergiacomi


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