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The TENORES DI BITTI – REMUNNU 'E LOCU is a historical tenor singing group of the town of Bitti (Nuoro, Sardinia), founded in 1974 by Daniele Cossellu.

For forty years the group has been working continuously, dedicating itself to the search for local cultural traditions and, in particular, tenor singing, recognized by UNESCO among the Italian masterpieces of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity. In 1995, in collaboration with the Municipality of Bitti, to keep the tradition alive, they set up in Bitti the Tenor Singing School open to all young people in the country to teach singing methodologies to Tenores.

The Tenores of Bitti Remunnu 'e Locu are extraordinary performers and in the last forty years they have been real ambassadors of traditional Sardinian singing, helping to spread this musical genre in every corner of the world. The group has in fact attracted the attention of the most established critics and scholars of the tradition. They won for six consecutive years the festival of the Redeemer of Nuoro, category Canti a Tenores.

The group has collaborated with musicians such as American jazz trumpeter Lester Bowie and Ornette Coleman. With the latter the group has held various concerts: Cagliari Jazz, Sant'Anna Arresi, Umbria Jazz), Frank Zappa (who even recommended an album Intonos in 2000), and finally the discovery by Peter Gabriel, who published the works of the group for his own record label "Real World". On December 27, 2007 the Tenores of Bitti "Remunnu 'e Locu" were invested with the honor of Knights of the Italian Republic.