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23 - Campo degli Strigoli

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Tercio Incluso was born from the union of two artists from different professional backgrounds, whose paths cross at Moveo - a center for dramatic body mime and physical theater. Here they begin their exploration that seeks to intertwine and merge various ideas and artistic languages. 

The name of the company comes from a mathematical principle that, when applied to life, means that you can be yourself and your antagonist. Therefore, both performers adopt this measure as a basis for creation, always prioritizing scenic quality and meticulous work in which every little detail is taken care of and in which the spectator is never left out.

Normalmente o Viceversa is the company's first creation. In 2019 it won the Drac D'Or as the best show for children and young people, for its originality, coherence and delicacy. It has since then been represented in various European festivals.

A show of delightful simplicity that transports the viewer into a timeless domestic and intimate space. You can completely immerse yourself in the inexhaustible world of the memory of objects: in fact, each object has been witness to emotions, situations and acts of people who, touching them one day, or more, have filled them with memories. 

On stage, two young people reading a book, give life to another micro universe that takes place on the table, where the main characters are their own coffee cups and other everyday objects such as teaspoons or sugar.


Original idea, scenography and direction Giselle Stanzione and Amok Cor Interpreters Elena Lalucat and Amok Co Lighting technique Marieta Rojo • Graphic design Telmo Parreira • Audiovisual production Marc Costa • Photography Jesús Atienza

With the support of Acción Cultural Española (AC/E).
Programme for the Internationalisation of Spanish Culture (PICE) / Mobility Programme