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Theatre en Vol has always had the street as a natural place of research and representation. The transformation of the public space in an extra-daily place where the spectator/citizen is involved, aims to move the absent-minded passer-by bringing him back to a forgotten dimension where the street becomes again a place of action, meeting and confrontation. It aims to stimulate the imagination, wonder and memory of the spectator involving him in an immediate way and establishing an interactive relationship with him.

Since 1989, the company has been active in the field of urban theater, theater for unconventional open and closed spaces in Italy and abroad. It combines theatrical machines created with recycled materials to the work of the actor and the composition of the soundtrack starting from improvisation to create a style of great visual, gestural and sound impact, including urban percussion, dance theater and new technologies applied to music and video. 

By creating artistic projects around themes of great contemporaneity, the company develops a reflection on the role of street art in the context of urban and territorial development and responds through the language of art to social, cultural and political questions: from multicultural coexistence, to war, to the environment.

The company is supported by the Department of Culture of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia and the MIC-Ministry of Culture.

Il grande spettacolo della fine del mondo (The great show of the end of the world) addresses the issue of climate change, pollution and disproportionate exploitation of natural resources in a tragicomic, ironic and grotesque key. The performance includes theatrical, choreographic, musical and installation actions and interventions in the perspective of a total theater. Careful therefore to the environmental impact, for the production and the staging of the show only ecological materials and installations are used, as well as recycled materials.


Actors: Céline Brynart, Alessandro Doro, Michèle Kramers, Joao Luis Paulo, Camilla Piredda, Puccio Savioli
Direction: Theatre en vol
Set design: Puccio Savioli
Soundscapes and original music: Luca Vargiu
Vocal interventions: Daniela Pes
Texts and voice-over: Sergio Garau
Lights: Tony Grandi and Valeria Bell
Graphic design: Andrea Niccolai