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Tony Clifton Circus is an Italian theater company founded in Rome in 2001 by Nicola Danesi de Luca and Iacopo Fulgi. The name comes from a character played by American comedian Andy Kaufman, to whom the two artists are inspired and ideally dedicate their work. 

The artistic proposals of the company in 20 years have always had a common characteristic: not fitting into a defined artistic area/discipline. This is why Tony Clifton Circus has always represented an anomaly in the field. The company has directed its work mainly abroad, bringing all over Europe the first shows "Hula Doll", "Rubbish Rabbit" and performing in different and anomalous contexts: from the Quadrennial in Prague, as a company representing the Italian Theatre Board (ETI), to BAR 25, techno club in Berlin, from the Progetto Perdutamente of the Teatro di Roma directed by Gabriele Lavia, to the major Circus and Street Theatre Festivals in France. These shows, still in repertoire with the same formation, after 20 years of tournée have become true classics of reference of the Italian and European theater - clown - comic.

Rubbish Rabbit is an anarchic show, a frenetic game in which words and actions chase each other in a headlong race, for the spectator a relentless succession of laughter and tension. The Tony Clifton Circus manages to make a mockery of the prevailing political correctness. The desire of every clown is to find the child that is within each of us and give him all the space possible, and with Rubbish Rabbit Tony Clifton Circus succeeds in full. But children, when they are free, are the most dangerous thing on the face of the earth, they are capable of creating chaos, noise, total destruction and this is what Rubbish Rabbit is made of, chaos, noise and total destruction. 

Like unrestrained children, the irreverent clowns of this "Circus of Anomaly" seem to use laughter as a key to reach the center of the discourse. The public, thanks to the cathartic power of comedy, gradually becomes an accomplice of a real experiment of comic extremism, in which lies the real purpose of this show: the deconstruction of opinions and common judgments.

from an idea by Nicola Danesi de Luca and Iacopo Fulgi
with Nicola Danesi de Luca, Iacopo Fulgi, Enzo Palazzoni
original music by Enzo Palazzoni
with the productive help of C.a.p.i. (Consortium of other independent productions)