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Yaràkä is a project born in 2015 that with the debut album Invocaçao proposes a path mainly rooted in the Afro-Brazilian and South American tradition, a research born to highlight the multi-ethnic component, in particular the common rhythmic matrix coming from Africa that acts as a catalyst and allows to go over experimenting contaminations with Mediterranean and Southern Italy sounds.

The relationship between man and nature can be sought in the relationship between man and God. Popular cultures are united by an ancestral relation: man in contact with nature and the music becomes the medium. The song that opens the album “Maletiembe“ for example is an invocation to Saint John for fields protection against bad weather, an ancient tradition rediscovered through the stories of their elderly; starting from own land finding the common elements in different areas of the south of the world, was the starting point of the disc: “Invocaçao wants to be the beginning of a real journey, a research that digs in the origins to look for a junction between cultures and primordial ethnic groups”.

Yaràkä are Virginia Pavone (vox and percussions), Gianni Sciambarruto (guitar and berimbau), Marco La Corte (flute, voice and percussions), Mirko Sciambarruto (cello) and Antonio Oliveti (ethnic percussions).